Controversial “public taxi” lands to the Gold Coast

THE controversial Uber public taxi service has launched on the Gold Coast, despite the State Government putting it’s foot down.

The App is currently used in over 180 cities worldwide, including New York, London, Paris and is now covering a number of cities in Australia, offering the chance for those needing a lift to connect with other drivers close by.

According to the company, whether you are nipping across town for a meeting, looking for a safe ride home from The Metricon Stadium or heading home from a big night out in Broadbeach, Uber has got you covered.


You’ll see a photo of your driver, the car they are driving, and even watch them on the app as they drive towards you.

Uber launched in Brisbane earlier this year causing issues with the State and the Queensland Taxi Service.

The company was officially banned by the Queensland Government but it doesn’t seem to have stopped them.

Gold Coasters are now being offered free services until September 5 as part of their opening deal.