Coomera man convicted of ‘habitual consorting’

A 21-year-old Coomera man has today been convicted of habitually consorting in Queensland.

The man, who is allegedly a prospect for the Bandidos OMCG Gold Coast Chapter, appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court where he was fined $600 and a conviction recorded.

Police say the man was charged after he continued to consort with five Bandidos members on numerous occasions between March last year and July this year after being officially warned not to.


The case has prompted Detective Superintendent Roger Lowe of the Organised Crime Gangs Group to issue a stern warning to those who have been served official notices.

“We have been transparent and overt in our warnings. The warnings identify those persons in criminal networks who an individual should not consort with,” Detective Lowe said.

“Persons who disregard the warning and habitually consort face being charged and a penalty of 300 penalty units or three years imprisonment, and the application of an organised crime control order.”