Coordinated suburban blitz to target Gold Coast fire ant problem

SEVERAL suburbs will take part in a coordinated blitz aimed at tackling the growing fire ant problem on the Gold Coast.

Arundel, Parkwood, Pacific Pines and Maudsland are the suburbs chosen for the targeted attack, which will be run by the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program next month.

National Program General Manager Graeme Dudgeon said the community played a big part in the success of this type of fire ant treatment.


“For this to work, the community needs to work together as a group to help stamp out fire ants in their suburb,” he said.

Residents are being urged to register online before May 10 in order to receive their free treatment before the planned blitz on the weekend of May 22-23.

“We all want to stop the spread of fire ants in South East Queensland and we would love every property in these suburbs under one acre to be treated,” Mr Dudgeon said.

“You may not have fire ants in your backyard but your neighbours might. This is an opportunity for you to treat your property at the same time as your neighbours, which increases the effectiveness of treatment in your area.”

Register for the treatment blitz or phone 13 25 23 for more information.

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Only properties under 1 acre?

Residents may treat their property with RED Fire Ants Toxic bait but neighbours may have it. So G.M. Graeme Dudgeion wants everyone in the neighbourhood to bait Red Ants. In USA they have been a failure with Toxic bait treatment for 90 years but Australian Ministers think that the American procedure is always GOSPEL truth and ended up being a failure for 20 years. What Plan B procedures do Biosecurity-Qld have if Toxic Bait Plan A keeps on failing with Smart Red Ants?