Cop caught speeding while drunk after AFL grand final in Victoria

A SENIOR constable has been stripped of his licence and had his car impounded after he was allegedly caught drink driving and speeding south-east of Melbourne shortly after the AFL grand final.

Police said a highway patrol unit clocked the male officer travelling at 75 kilometres per hour in a 50 zone on Kenilworth Avenue in Beaconsfield at around 6pm last night.

The highway patrol officers intercepted the constable’s vehicle and subjected him to a roadside breath test, to which he tested positive.


The constable, who police said was off-duty at the time, was then taken to the local police station where he allegedly returned a breath test reading of .087%.

The senior constable’s licence was immediately cancelled and his car was impounded.

In a statement released to media this morning, police said the officer was yet to be charged.

The Professional Standards Command is investigating.