Cop shops won’t close to cover border checkpoints

Senior Police have rejected claims some Gold Coast Police stations will be forced to close so officers can be diverted to cover more stringent border checks.

Queensland’s borders will reopen to all states except Victoria from July 10.

But anyone coming into the state from Victoria will be forced into quarantine from tomorrow.


Exactly how that will be policed is still being worked out, with concerns raised that Police would have to make drastic changes to cover border checks.

But Gold Coast District Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler insists they have the resources and closing Police stations has never been part of their plan.

“At the moment we have border controls in place and that’s being done with the resources we have and certainly we will not be closing Police stations down or diminishing the ability for Gold Coast Police to respond to calls for service as they have been,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler says.

“We’ve got sufficient resources to not only Police the borders and all of our other COVID-19 response overlays as well as our business as usual approach.

“We’ve been able to gain additional capacity particularly during this period by not having training courses, projects and other forums where we may have normally had police involved so our capacity is good at the moment.”

Officials are still working out exactly how the new border checks will work, but Chief Superintendent Wheeler says any plan will ensure the Gold Coast is not left short.

“It will make sure that any resources that come, come from the appropriate area so that our first response to our daily policing activities, particularly in terms of those where people’s lives are in danger can continue as they always have been.”

Everyone entering Queensland will be forced to fill out a declaration form before being allowed to cross the border.

But it’s still not clear if measures will be in place by tomorrow to ensure Victorians don’t sneak into the state.

Chief Superintendent Wheeler says he expects the declaration system to mirror the current border permit scheme.

“There will be vehicle checkpoints as there are at the moment, we’re reviewing all those checkpoints, we’re reviewing all of the structures we have in place down there and we will also have a declaration system.

“There will be changes to the current border entry system where we see amber permits and red permits depending on your circumstances. It will change to a border entry declaration, all the finite details around that are being worked through at the moment.

“We anticipate it will be very similar to what people are used to.”

Motorists are being warned to expect lengthy hold-ups at the border when the new measures are eventually introduced.

“It is about packing your patience, it’s about understanding that there will be delays,” RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said.

“The reality is, it is going to be more time consuming to get up to Brisbane from over the border.”

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And once again the locals who traverse the border on a daily basis are going to be left with even more delays and no politicians give a rat’s a*** because they don’t have to go through the checkpoint or inconvenience.
Pull your head out