Copper wire found hung across Gold Coast bike tracks

Concern is growing in the motorcross community on the Gold Coast, after copper wire was found strung up across a popular bike track.

A group of riders found two spots in Coomera yesterday, where wire had been tied to trees – crossing the tracks – posing an enormous danger to people using the track.

A member of a Facebook group dedicated to sharing dangerous locations, posted photos of the wires on the Coomera 4×4 tracks yesterday, saying they were installed at ‘head height’.


The discovery has shocked the riding community, who now face risking their life to ride on public tracks.

The Facebook group ‘Motorcross wire locations and info’ was set up early last month, and has already seen another close call as well.

“Almost had my last ride this afternoon thanks to whoever put this up along the road ! ? Anyone thinking about going for a ride in Amamoor anytime soon, watch out !!!” said a post last month, after wire was found across a track in Amamoor.

After not even one month, there are already over 600 members in the group, who are all outraged by the discovery of potentially fatal wires.

Police are urging riders to report instances of hung up wire.

The administrator of the Facebook group, Jack Roberts, says it’s important they share the message with as many riders as possible.

“I set up the page on the 10th of February this year to raise awareness of people hanging up these wires and to hopefully catch them.

“I’m sick of seeing people almost losing their lives just because they enjoy riding on bush trails.

“This group simply helps people be more aware of the areas to watch out for,” Mr Roberts said.

PHOTO | Sourced from ‘Motorcross wire locations and info’ Facebook page.

PHOTO | Sourced from ‘Motorcross wire locations and info’ Facebook page.