Cops clock brand new Lamborghini tearing down highway at almost 200km/h

A MAN has had his international driving privileges suspended in NSW after he was allegedly clocked travelling down the Hume Highway at almost 200km/h in a brand new Lamborghini.

It’s understood the man had only just purchased the Lamborghini Huracan, worth several hundred thousand dollars, and was driving north between Albury and Holbrook when he was busted by Highway Patrol just after midday.

Police allege the high performance car was detected travelling at 177-185km/h in a 110 zone.


(Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – NSW Police Force)

The officers intercepted the Lamborghini and found the driver had an international driver’s licence and was using an unregistered vehicle permit to drive the car to an address Queensland.

He was issued an infringement notice for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h ($2435), and had his driving privileges in NSW suspended for six months.

The man’s passenger was allegedly caught behind the wheel of the car less than an hour later, travelling along the same highway at around 130km/h near Goulburn.

(Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – NSW Police Force)