Cops gunned down during protest over police shootings in Dallas

UPDATE 6AM: Police in Dallas have shot dead a man believed to be one of a group of snipers targeting law enforcement officers in the city.

Five police officers were shot dead and seven others injured as they tried to control a protest in the wake of the shootings of black men.

The gunman was identified as Micah Xavier Johnson.


He became engaged in an hours-long standoff with Police, during which he reportedly told them “the end is coming” and he wanted to “kill white people”.

It came as tensions reached boiling point in the United States. ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests were held after black men were shot dead by Police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Three other suspected snipers are now in custody.

UPDATE 2:55PM | Two suspects wanted over the sniper shooting in down Dallas are now in police custody.

The Dallas Police Department confirmed in a new statement just moments ago that one suspect had handed himself in, while the other was involved in a shootout with SWAT officers.

“The person of interest whose picture has been circulated has just turned himself in,” the statement read.

“Another alleged suspect was in a shootout with Dallas SWAT officers. That suspect is also in custody.”

Police said a suspicious package was also located near the scene of the shootout with the second suspect.

The package is now being secured and examined by officers from the Dallas Police Department Bomb Squad.

UPDATE 2:00PM | It has been confirmed that a fourth police officer has died following the horrific sniper shootings in downtown Dallas.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said 800 people had participated in the rally in protest of recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

“At 8.58pm, our worst nightmare happened,” Chief Brown said.

“At least two snipers from elevated positions began firing on our officers, ambush style.”

More than 100 police officers were stationed at the rally. Eleven were shot.

Three officers were confirmed dead and five others gravely injured immediately following the shooting.

The Dallas Police Department confirmed only a short time ago that a fourth officer had sadly succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital.

Chief Brown said some officers has been shot in the back.

“We believe these suspects positioned themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers from two different perches in garage’s in the downtown area,” Chief Brown said.

“Their plan was to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could.

“This is a very emotional time for our department, for the law enforcement community here in Dallas and across the country.”

Chief Brown said officers are currently negotiating with a man believed to be one of the shooters.

He is currently holed up in the El Centro parking garage.

EARLIER: Dallas Police Chief David Brown has confirmed 11 police officers have been shot by two snipers from elevated positions in downtown Dallas.

The Dallas Police Department posted a photo of one of the two suspects to Twitter from where it has since gone viral.

“This is one of our suspects. Please help us find him!,” police pleaded.

Within minutes, the image had been re-tweeted more than 34,000 times.

Twitter user Brian Redban (@redban) tweeted a different photo of the suspect carrying what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle.

EARLIER: Three police officers have been shot dead during a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Dallas.

Chief of the Dallas Police Department David Brown confirmed a short time ago that 10 officers had been shot.

“Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in a critical condition” Chief Brown said in a statement.

Chief Brown said the officers appeared to have been shot by two snipers from elevated positions.

No suspects are in custody.

FIRST: Two police officers have reportedly been shot in downtown Dallas during a protest over recent police shootings in the United States.

It’s understood the shooting happened near Lamar and Main streets just before 9pm local time.

Footage uploaded to social media shows hundreds of people scrambling for safety after a volley of shots rang out.

Reporter for FOX4 News Allison Harris said her brother recalled hearing as many as 50 gunshots.

At least two police officers have been shot.

Their condition is not known.

It remains unclear whether any civilians have been shot.

Hundreds of people had gathered for the rally in response to recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.