Cops stop drivers to surprise with Xmas gifts

INSTEAD of a ticket, people in the suburb of Michigan are getting presented with surprise gifts from police officers this festive season.

A video of an officer pulling over unsuspected drivers, for what they believed were traffic infringements, has gone viral after being uploaded onto YouTube on Tuesday.

Wearing a hidden camera and microphone on his shirt, Officer VanSolkema asked drivers what they wanted for the holidays. His microphone picked up their answers, and his colleagues raced around nearby stores to try to track down whatever the drivers mentioned and drive it to the scene.


Motorists wound up driving home with toys, an Xbox and a high-definition TV, among many other presents.

At a time when police are under intense scrutiny and criticism, especially following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York — Bliss, the camera man behind the stunt, said he hopes his video will remind viewers about good police officers and their dedication to service.

Next time a police officer asks you some odd question, maybe you should answer it, because you never know what can happen…