Corby wears motorbike helmet to parole meeting

SCHAPELLE Corby has worn a motorbike helmet to her latest parole date in a bid to avoid the media.

But, the Gold Coast drug smuggler only drew more attention as she checked in with Bali officers, who ordered she remove the head gear to prove her identity. reports, she arrived on a scooter with the husband of her sister, Mercedes, and spoke with parole officer Putu Andiyani for around ten minutes.


“I will not start before you take off your helmet. We can revoke the parole,” Ms Andiyani said to Corby.

Ms Andiyani explained, by the end of the meeting Corby was in tears.

“I asked her, why did you cry and then she said she is sorry for what she has done,” Ms Andiyani said.

She said Corby told her she was traumatised by journalists, especially the foreign media, who “cover the story not based on reality”.

“She asked, why journalist come (for me) while many inmates get parole and are not covered? I said to her, because you are special for them,” Ms Andiyani said.

Later Corby’s brother-in-law apologised as well explaining, she had not taken her medication and had been upset.