Corbys deny Schapelle confessed to Bali Nine member

SCHAPELLE Corby’s family has slammed Network Ten for airing an interview with Bali Nine member Renae Lawrence claiming the Gold Coast drug smuggler had confessed to her.

The Corby family has described the allegations as “fantasy” – adding “unsubstantiated allegations should not be made simply for the sake of ratings and money”, according mUmBRELLA.

Ten last night aired an ‘exclusive’ story featuring video footage of Lawrence, who once shared a cell with Corby at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison.


It’s claimed Lawrence didn’t know she was being filmed when telling an unknown person Corby had revealed one night how she had smuggled drugs into Bali before she got caught in 2004.

“She said that she knew the marijuana was in the body bag, but the person who was supposed to be there at the airport at that time didn’t show up for work, or couldn’t be there for some strange reason, I’m not sure,” she said.

“She said she’d brought the drugs three times. The first time she didn’t know anything until she got to the airport, but the other times she knew.”

After being told about the video, Lawrence reportedly stood by her comments and it’s believed a small sum has been paid to the interviewer’s agents.

A statement by the Corby family reads: “Schapelle did not confide in Renae Lawrence about any matter relating to her arrest in Indonesia/Bali. The claims by Renae Lawrence that Schapelle confessed to her that she had knowingly smuggled the marijuana in her boogie board bag are false.”

“The actions of the Ten Network in procuring and presumably paying for this interview, are extremely hurtful and are causing Schapelle and our family great anxiety and distress.”