Corby’s mum not happy with exclusive interview

SCHAPELLE Corby’s mother has unleashed on a Channel Seven journalist, following her daughter’s release from a Bali prison.

Rosleigh Rose celebrated Schapelle’s freedom with a party at her Loganlea home yesterday morning.

Schapelle Corby has been released.


But, reports, the party came to a dramatic end when Ms Rose stormed on to her front steps and hurled abuse down the street towards the journalist.

It’s believed she was upset by the way she was portrayed in an exclusive interview she had conducted with the network.

Ms Rose repeatedly yelled “it’s not good enough” and “you know what you did” while pointing at the woman and swearing she would never talk to her again.

She then turned to the media pack in the front yard: “I just wanted to say thank you to all Schapelle’s supporters. All the researchers for the Expendable, Tony Wilson, all my family, Greg’s family, Michael’s family, my brother he’s just never stopped working.”

“And especially my beautiful daughter Mercedes that has stayed in Bali to look after Schapelle.”

“And I love my girls and that’s all I want – to say thank you to the people who had supported us.”

Ms Rose was then angered again by questions about when she would join her daughters.

“I don’t know … I said I don’t know, don’t you know what I don’t know means,” she yelled.

It comes amid reports Mercedes Corby has broken up with her Balinese husband Wayan Widyartha.

Speculation surrounds the status of their marriage after Mercedes was not recently seen at the family compound in Kuta, where Schapelle is expected to live while serving her parole.