Corey Thompson arrives at the Gold Coast Titans

Corey Thompson has arrived on the Gold Coast, after being released from the West Tigers to join the club yesterday.

After just over two years with the rival club, it’s hoped the Brisbane-born fullback/winger will bring some experience to the Titans.

His arrival couldn’t have been at a better time, with worries the side will be without centre Dale Copley this weekend due to an ankle injury.


Thompson says he’s glad to be back in Queensland.

“It was a couple weeks where I wasn’t sure what was going on and I finally get the all clear and drive up and have my first day up here today.

“I like the challenges, when I got asked if I wanted to make the move up here – I was keen for it.

“I spoke to my family and it’s nearly been ten years since I got the chance to play in front of them again.

“I’m ready for the challenge, and it will be a good life outside of football as well,” Thompson said.

He’s also keen to play with the young Titans, after going up against them on the weekend.

“I think they have a lot of energy – early in the season energy’s what wins you games sometimes.

“They’ve got a great young forward pack, and some quality outside backs, so I’m looking forward to working hard with the playing group and just really competing every day to try and do my best.

“I learnt a lot through my career, and to see some excellent young backs and even forwards coming through the club, it’s good to help them out.

“Where they are now – they’re heading in the right direction, they’re quality players and I’m sure I can learn just as much off them as well,” he said.

With his first training with the side happening today, the fullback is hoping for selection for this weekend’s clash.

“I’m definitely keen, I’m ready to rip in I came here ready, and obviously training – it starts tomorrow and if I’m lucky enough to be selected then i’ll be ready to go and rip in,” Thompson said.

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