Coronavirus case confirmed at Gold Coast school

There’s been a coronavirus scare for teachers and students at Ashmore State School after a person tested positive for the virus.

Gold Coast Health sent an alert letter to Ashmore State School families yesterday, informing them that there was a “low risk of possible exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19”.

They said the case attended the school greater than 14 days ago, so the time had passed for any quarantine to be issued.


It’s understood the individual did not know they had the infection at the time, however Gold Coast Health said the person only had contact with a “specific set of students and staff”.

“The public health unit has worked closely with the school to identify these individuals who will be called directly by the PHU,” the letter said.

“The rest of the school can be reassured their child/family members/staff would not be considered at significant risk from this person”.

The letter finished by reassuring parents that “the occurrence of COVID-19 does not reflect negatively on the school, or the person, as anyone can contract this infection.”

Despite the risk being low, staff, students and parents who have been experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms are being urged to get tested.

“Children with confirmed COVID-19 have generally presented with mild symptoms. Reported symptoms in children include fever, sore throat or just scratchy throat and mild cough,” Gold Coast Health said.

“Vomiting and diarroeha, headache and lack of sense and smell have also been reported.”

It comes after the Gold Coast recorded five new cases of the virus yesterday, bringing the city’s total to 186.

The state’s total number of cases remains at a revised 999.

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Hope for a speedy recovery for the child and family. How did the child contract the virus? Did they have a known source or unknown?
I’m so over not being told all the information.
I believe information and details will help keep more people safe.

There is no indication that the case was a child.