Coronavirus restrictions to ease across Qld today!

A great day for Queenslanders today, with the next round of restrictions set to ease across the state.

It comes after another day of no new cases for the Sunshine State, with just eight cases considered active.

We’ve gone months without a fresh case of community transmission, with new infections only popping up in hotel quarantine.


From 4.00pm, gathering limits at homes and in public spaces will increase to 50 people.

200 people can attend a wedding and all guests can dance, while 200 people will also be allowed to attend funerals.

Outdoor stadiums will be allowed to fill to full capacity, just in time for tomorrow night’s State of Origin decider at Suncorp.

There are still some tickets still available for the game.

Restaurants, pubs, clubs and other hospitality venues can finally double their indoor capacity, with the one person per four square metre rule changing to one person per two square metres.

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It comes as Queensland takes drastic measures at their borders, declaring Adelaide a coronavirus hotspot.

However, authorities are also requiring anyone who arrived into Queensland from Adelaide since November 9 (last Monday) to get tested and isolate themselves for two weeks regardless of the result.

The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says we have to protect Queenslanders and their freedoms.

“What we don’t want to see is Queenslanders having to go into any form of lockdown. All of our systems have worked extremely well, but this cluster outbreak is of concern.

“It’s not like the cluster outbreaks we’ve had in Queensland, but we do really hope that Adelaide does get on top of that very, very quickly,” the Premier said yesterday.

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Wow we can all go to the footy without any restrictions mingle in clubs and pubs with little restriction but cannot go to our children’s school to watch them play sports and other outdoor activities?
Just shows this Labor government is only interested in generating income to cover the cost of the public service which is broke and waiting for the new budget which will have all our new taxes to fund their 3% pay increases..
Hope all those who voted labor in will be happy with themselves.

Very happy indeed!!

Funny, you can sit bum-to-bum in a footy stadium with yelling and cheering and all, but at a church you have to keep to the 2m rule because the congregation sings for 15-20 minutes. Yep, see the sense there.

Hey Bob, you forgot to mention that the people at the footy are outside, the people in church are inside, that’s why it’s sensible. Cheers.

It doesn’t matter if it is outside or not. You have a large cluster of people together. Just because they are outside doesn’t mean that their germs magically go straight up and disappear. On top of that, other outdoor gatherings are topped at 50 people as well. We have more that 50 people at our church, so we cannot even have a social outside.
This has all been politicised and not based on any sound reasoning.

She can have all her family around her side by side as she won the election and then now all the yay let’s give the origin decider full capacity

but when all I want is to see my own mum who I haven’t seen since July last year during my time of need Christmas isn’t good enough for this I just recently been diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer which spread to my spine and fractured my back and now my best friend is a wheelchair all I want is to see my mum but Victoria has stopped their infections but this lot still won’t let them in

For all of those who voted Labour ,this idea that the football is more important than family or church shows where the labour premiers focus is