Coronial inquest into Dreamworld tragedy to begin today

The coronial inquest into the deaths of four people who were killed on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at Dreamworld two years ago is set to get underway today.

Canberra siblings Kate Goodchild, 32, her brother Luke Dorsett, 35, and his partner Roozie Araghi, 38, along with Sydney woman Cindy Low, 42, all lost their lives when the ride malfunctioned on October 25 2016.

Ms Goodchild’s young daughter and Ms Low’s son miraculously survived the ordeal.


The fatal incident forced the short-term closure of the popular Coomera theme park and also prompted the Queensland government to pass tough new industrial manslaughter laws which carry 20-year jail terms and $10 million fines.

Whilst the coronial inquest is set to begin on Tuesday, evidence is not expected to be given until later on in the year.