Cot posing choking and trapping hazard recalled.

A cot sold online and in stores in Victoria, has been recalled by Australia’s competition watchdog.

Authorities are worried infants could be trapped or choke if they’re put in the All 4 Bubs Lunar Oval cot, saying it doesn’t meet safety standards.

Choice said it is one of the worst cots it has ever seen.


The cot, which was available on eBay for $449, was given a score of zero out of 100 by the consumer group.

It also scored 30% when it came to how easy it was to put together.

Tests revealed the ends of the filler bars can be pulled out of their sockets in the top and bottom rails.

During the strength test, the filler bars came away from the top and bottom rails, meaning it could fall over.

The rubber pieces at the tips of the filler bars were detachable and small enough to be swallowed by an infant – posing a choking risk.

While little heads and necks could also get stuck.

“This is quite possibly one of the worst cots we have ever seen. We strongly urge any consumer who has purchased this cot to stop using it immediately and seek a refund,” said Choice’s, Tom Godfrey.

“We welcome the swift action by the regulator, this latest failure reinforces the need to review the mandatory Australian Standard for cots and mattresses and beef up the fines for companies that put infants at risk,” Mr Godfrey said.

“Whether it’s dodgy cots or flimsy mattresses, kids’ safety has to be the priority. It’s clear a number of companies are putting profit first.”

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