Council calls for federal funding to transform Gold Coast

Council has released its ‘Wish List’ for the Gold Coast ahead of the federal election, calling on both major parties to commit to funding for three major projects.

The three key projects include investment into Light Rail Stage 4 to Coolangatta, the next stage of our HOTA precinct, and the city’s Central Park (GreenHeart) project.

Mayor Tom Tate has urged the PM and the Opposition Leader to “show their true golden colours’’ by chipping in on these major city-changing projects.


“These projects are for the benefit of not only our city but the SEQ region. These are generational projects that will shape the liveability of this part of Australia,” Mayor Tate says.

“With a Federal election looming and our city boasting five Federal seats, the message is very clear: it’s time to show your golden colours for the Goldie.”

Council says it is fundamental that Light Rail Stage 4 be completed by 2029-30 ahead of the 2032 Olympics being held in Brisbane.

“I’m committed to partnering with any government to make these projects a reality. The time for talk is over. It’s now time for real on-the-ground commitment,”

“People want to go all the way to the Airport and Coolangatta. That’ll complete the picture”

As for the HOTA precinct, Council wants Federal Government to invest in the City’s arts and culture scene with projects planned for a new state-of-the-art theatre and infrastructure including studio space, e-gaming, e-sports facilities and a digital museum.

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Council’s vision for the GreenHeart project is to create a 220-hectare public space providing sporting fields and major event space between Robina and Merrimac, boasting an area six times the size of Broadwater Parklands.

A $150 million investment is sought from the Federal Government to fast track the project to ensure it’s completed in advance of the 2032 Olympic Games.

Mayor Tate has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.

He says that even though the Gold Coast is an LNP stronghold, he’s urged both parties not to take the Gold Coast for granted.

“It’s not a fair assessment to go ‘they’re blue as anything’. Loyalty works both ways,”

“Even though the margin in our federal seats here, the population demands that we get fair infrastructure spend.”