Council crackdown on dilapidated houseboats

The Council is calling on the Gold Coast Waterways Authority to enforce penalties on decrepit houseboats overstaying their welcome on the Broadwater.

Another houseboat burnt down yesterday.

Mayor Tom Tate says it’s unacceptable to have these houseboats on the water for years.


“The Broadwater is under the Gold Coast Waterways Authority and I’d call on them to do a full audit on these houseboats that have been there a long time,” he told MyGC.

“If they need Council to come up with a penalty we’re happy to do so.

“I think they’re cheating the system, they’re basically getting defacto housing on the water.”

The Mayor admitted the Waterways Authority has been extremely busy with dredging and says they might need to employ more staff to properly police the issue.

Member for Broadwater David Crisafulli told MyGC it’s one of the most important issues for the northern Gold Coast.

“Enough is enough,” he said.

“We’ve reached the point where the State Government and the authorities have realised this isn’t a minor issue.

“This is a critical one. The fact is, we have people who are at risk and are putting others at risk.”