Council downplays dirty water concerns on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Council says the cloudy water in the city’s north was a result of unplanned works on Monday.

It comes as scores of Pimpama locals took to social media complaining of dirty and smelly water coming from their taps, after Council turned the water off for a time.

Though some residents said their water still wasn’t back to normal by last night.


While the water is still believed to be safe, it’s believed it may have appeared discoloured due to some of the works.

A Council spokesperson is encouraging locals to run their taps until the water colour returns to normal.

“Works of this type can introduce small air bubbles into the network and also disrupt some of the natural-occurring materials that occur inside of the pipe walls.

“As a result of the works, some nearby customers received water that appeared cloudy or contained some dark materials,” the spokesperson said.

If anyone is still experiencing issues, they’re being encourage to contact 1300 000 928.

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