Council gets to work spraying mozzies after recent rain

Council crews will be out and about on the Gold Coast over the next week, fogging and spraying away the pesky mosquitos.

After incredible amounts of rain over the last few weeks, the city is now in recovery from all the wet, and that means – mozzies.

The usual spots of Carrara and Merrimac are being targeted from today, but other areas down south around Burleigh and Tallebudgera have also been considerably affected.


Mayor Tom Tate says that locals should report if they’ve experienced an increased amount of mosquitoes, and council will endeavour to treat that area as well.

“To residents out there, if you’re not in those areas and you’re getting bitten – contact your local councillors and we’ll come and spray in those areas as well.

“If we get a whole bunch of people going ‘we’re copping it here’, I’ll go ‘let’s go across and spray there’.”

The whole process is expected to take around a week to complete, while the Mayor says there are some things that locals can do to help the situation themselves.

“Any containers that can harbour water, please turn them upside down,” the Mayor said.

“Help us help you, so that there are less spaces for stagnant water for the mozzies to populate.”

For more information about the city’s mosquito control, click here.

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