Council ‘in sync’ with State Government on Spit Master Plan

Mayor Tom Tate is playing down concerns that Council doesn’t have enough time to finalise the Spit Master Plan.

A planning committee met today to deliberate over different suggestions and considerations, to put recommendations forward for full council next week.

There were initial frustrations from Council’s leadership team on the project, saying that there wasn’t enough time to go through a proper consultation process.


It was set by the State Government in the parameters of the master plan that it will be the result of a “highly consultative process”.

Council will now have to make it’s final decision on the plan when it meets next week, to fit in with the State Government’s 18 month plan (pictured below).

Despite time frame concerns, Mayor Tom Tate says he’s looking forward to finalising Council’s position and said it’s been a good process so far.

“What I like is that the consultation process between the city of the gold coast and the state government are in full sync.

“We’ve done a workshop today, and a lot of the points have been added, and when it goes to full council, we’ll be able to formalise our position and give it to the state government.

“So far I’m delighted with the amount of consultation input from local gold coasters, not just people who live in Main beach, but people all over the city have made their wishes known and what they’d like to see there,” he said.

When asked about what he didn’t like from the planning so far, he said he wasn’t able to comment.

Council will meet on Tuesday February 12, before their final position is made public.

PICTURE | Sourced from the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.


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Sounds a lot like “keep it all secret then tell the people what we are going to do with the Spit”.
Unfortunately, on the GC, past consultation with stakeholders has meant ignore the community and do what the developers want.
To get a full understanding of how this works in Australia have a look at the book, “Game of Mates – How favours bleed the nation”.

When the seaway was created, the Spit was promised to the people to never be developed for perpetuity.