Council puts brakes on Mayor’s congestion-busting plan

Gold Coast councillors have rejected the Mayor’s plan to set up a congestion-busting task force.

Tom Tate addressed Council on Tuesday afternoon proposing a “new set of eyes” to look at roads, bridges and other transport projects.

The panel would have looked at what projects could be kick started as soon as possible with Griffith University engineering Professor John Howe among those named as a task force member.


But the Mayor’s plan came in for heated criticism at Tuesday’s full Council meeting, with several Councillors arguing the task force would be doing the work that the Transport Committee already does.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates says the idea was a slap in the face to Council officers and gave Gold Coasters false hope.

“I feel like this is a little bit insulting to our Director and all of the officers that work so hard in that branch,” Councillor Gates said.

“My biggest fear of all is that in calling this a congestion-busting task force we create this expectation that we’re going bust congestion and clearly we’re not. We cannot bust congestion until the State and Federal Government fix the M1 or build a second north-south corridor.”

Councillor Dawn Crichlow described the proposal as “absolute nonsense”.

“We’ve got an infrastructure committee formed here with 11 councillors on it its the biggest committee of the whole lot,” Councillor Crichlow said.

“There’s no reason why this kind of thing can’t go on.”

After more than two hours of debate the Mayor’s plan was easily defeated.

Mayor Tate says he accepts Council’s vote but will still focus on how to fix congestion on the Gold Coast.

“I was simply wanting a set of fresh eyes to look at what we are already doing but that idea was rejected. I respect that … it’s democracy,” he said.

“The vote means we will continue to look at issues to do with traffic through our relevant committees and Special Budget. I still believe it would have been of benefit to have a set of fresh eyes but that’s not how the vote went.”

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I wonder where the gold coast councils brains are??? here on the gold coast we have the most congested roads from traffic why??? we have council that keeps lifting regulation on accommodation build by allowing taller hi rises, and the more rooms the more people , the more cars, on top of that council can”t organize a a simple thing as sinking the lights system round the city….
Olsen Rd 100 meters from the major intersection from the tram a set of lights that’s always on red when the flow of traffic comes from the hospital intersection,,, (dickheads) Bermuda road every dam light just about red when you travel the length of it a dam drag strip, surely can they not get there head sorted and get the flow of traffic round the city flowing, not, stop start every where, not dam hard i’m sure and these people meant to know what they doing and probably have qualification for this ( I wonder )?????
there seams to me that moneys wasted on the wrong things a round about in Napper road 3.9 million to change to lights ??? why it worked fine for years and still would have, a round about in High and Scarborough Rd ??? why was that changes to lights it also worked fine and still would be and another 4 million bucks, oo then the lights at Yatala here Mr Tait say hes saving us the rate payers money by leaving them there??? funny so who gave the ok to put them there ??? or did they go up with out a permit?????? I’m sure the council oked them to be built there , dumb asses now we have an ongoing cost to maintain them what another 2 million plus 30,000 bucks to maintain them till when?????
All that money could have been spent on sinking the traffic system and getting the traffic flowing better, o ans while I’m a rant, on how much do council workers pay for parking there cars at work???? nothing I would say and here we 2 P what ever that is all around the coast, so now most people working round the city have to pay public parking or try and arrange there work to public transport t try lifting a 40 kg tool box round on that and until recently nurses who work late had to walk in the dark back to there transport why because the council leased that car park out to private enterprise and the cost of parking was to expensive for the average worker brain less.
Time these councilors got off there seats and traveled a round there city to understand the problems then use some common sense trying to solve it and think out the square its not hard.

Soo..why are we unable to get the funding from State & Federal funding to fix the road / transport problem. It really is an embarrassment In regards to tourism–. Coming into Coolangatta and then blocked roads and no rail or tramline connecting the airport to anywhere. it really is a disgrace and time the government stepped up and stopped this petty show of strength ! We are the laughing stock of tourism !