Council remove iconic tinnies from Labrador foreshore, despite huge local petition

Tinnies, small boats and kayaks are this morning being removed from the Labrador foreshore, in a bizarre and ‘confusing’ move by council.

After at least 70 years, the iconic scene is slowly being dismantled, with the boats to be impounded until they can be collected.

It comes about a month after council issued notices on the boats, asking for them to be removed.


A local petition then started, asking council to keep the boats in place until an alternative could be sorted.

Local MP Sam O’Connor had been heavily involved in the petition, which received over 700 signatures. It was due to be introduced into a Council meeting next week.

Mr O’Connor’s told myGC it doesn’t make sense that Council’s just up and decided to get rid of the boats now.

“Tinnies have been along the foreshore of Labrador for as long as anyone can remember, we think at least 70 years, and council haven’t touched them in that time at all.

“They started off as locals who lived along marine parade when it was houses, and it’s progressed to a lot of people who won them live in the apartments along marine parade and they’ve got nowhere else to store their small boats, so they put them along the foreshore there.

“About a month ago, council started to issue notices on them, to say they had to be removed and residents started clearing that.

“We had a couple of petitions going that we put to council asking them to keep the tinnies in place until they could figure out some sort of permanent solution.

“We’re hoping they can put in some sort of bollard, even if you have to pay a fee to hire one for the year you can attach your boat to, which would open it up to more people as well.

“But today, unfortunately they’re going in there and they’re removing them on trucks,” Mr O’Connor said.

Council issued the following statement.

Following advisory stickers being placed on 55 unlawfully stored tinnies and other watercraft in late May, the remaining 22 offending craft were today removed from the Labrador Foreshore. These will now be held in secure storage at a Council facility in Pimpama.

Owners will be able to collect their tinnies upon proof of ownership and payment of any associated fees. Any uncollected craft may be auctioned by Council at a date in the future.

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I thought most of them were from the house boats that litter the area, they leave their tenders there while attending to main land activities, some might get a surprise today when they return and cannot get home

Well they should have done the right thing and did whatever they should have done.

They have done this for 70 years, then told they should not do it, but there was no viable alternative established yet.
So please explain what the “right thing” is when there is no other choice.

whar harm were the boats doing?