Council scraps granny flat fees

Mayor Tom Tate has announced infrastructure fees for family accommodation dwellings (up to 100m²) will be completely waived for the duration of Council’s term.

Council today supported to reinstate the popular discount that was inadvertently overridden during budget deliberations.

Mayor Tom Tate said that his fundamental policy intent was to keep families together and that the policy deserved to continue.


“This Council is in the business of making sensible planning decisions and there is nothing more sensible than making the most of existing infrastructure,” said Cr Tate.

“My fundamental view is our community is at its strongest and most resilient when families live close to one another.”

“I was determined to slash the red tape that made it prohibitively expensive for families to accommodate ageing grandparents close to home.”

“There are many demands on modern families and a clear need for more flexible living arrangements,” said Cr Tate.

“Many grandparents step into the role of babysitters and carers and having them close by will make the world of difference to many.”

Some residents are expected to save up to $20,000 on infrastructure fees.