Council to reopen The Spit, beachside carparks

The Spit will be reopened to the public along with all beachside car parks as Council further eases coronavirus restrictions.

Car parks will gradually reopen from this afternoon while the Spit will reopen from midnight tonight.

However flags at all beaches will remain down.


The move comes after the Premier announced the easing of some statewide stay-at-home restrictions from Saturday.

Queenslanders will be able to travel up to 50km for recreational purposes, have picnics and shop for non-essential items.

Mayor Tom Tate says it was a “cautious” decision but the measures that had been put in place have worked.

“I’ve always been reluctant to close the beach but now with the relaxation being signalled from the Prime Minister and the Premier we want to be at the forefront to do this,” Mayor Tate said.

The Spit along with beaches at Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta were shut earlier this month after thousands of out-of-towners flocked to the Gold Coast, ignoring social distancing rules.

The closure of beachside car parks soon followed in a bid to stop people travelling long distances.

The beaches at Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta were reopened last week.

Mayor Tate says most people have heeded the warnings and done the right thing with the number of cases falling.

Queensland Health data released on Sunday shows there are just 19 active cases of coronavirus on the Gold Coast.

“The majority of everyone out there are doing the social distancing and I congratulate Gold Coasters for doing that. We are combatting this COVID-19 together as shown by the data.”

The Mayor is confident the reopening won’t lead to another massive of influx of people from Logan and Brisbane hitting our beaches.

But he concedes some people will take advantage of the easing of restrictions.

“I would want to see locals to utilise our Spit so you’re going to take it on trust. You just got to look at the benefit for the majority outweighing some of the few out-of- towners who flaunt the law.”

The Mayor also welcomed the relaxation of rules on recreational boating and jet skis.

“I already know looking at the Broadwater that some people have already taken some liberties there and that’s another logical thing. If you’re on a jetski surely you’re socially distancing.”


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I’m from Coomera and surfers is my local so screw your out of towner s*** !!

If you live in Coomera, then you are entirely entitled to use any beach you want on the gold coast as you live in the gold coast municipality. Council area division’s are irrelevant. If you are a resident of the gold coast from Eagleby to tweed heads or scenic rim boundary, you are a local by its very definition….

Everyone seems to be doing this already, travelling to get to the beach at least . I live in what used to be a quiet pocket of Miami, on the beach. I have stage 4A cancer, and all i’d like to do is walk along the footpath of where I live. But no, I can’t as there are more people here than Christmas day etc, and that’s through the week, every day and weekends . I’ve never seen these people before, but they stop me from being able to walk in my own neighbourhood, because there is no distance that is safe, and my oncologist has told me if I catch covid 19 it will be lethal for me. I’m also not allowed to see my grandchildren as they are the silent carriers. So the one thing that gave me a little joy, a walk by the ocean has been taken away by others again. We were told to stay in our own neighborhood , but they found the beach in someone else’s neighbourhood . Disappointing when you don’t have much left.

Leave them closed I say if you can not walk or ride a bike to the beach you do not belong there.

If we did a full lockdown like NZ we would’ve been good by now… even if we closed off our boarders/flights and cruise ships from travellers coming back to Australia for a month or two when we first heard about china going into chaos we would’ve defeated this but apparently that’s too smart to do….

Well considering New Zealand has around 400 more cases than QLD in total and currently more active cases… while having a smaller population you can’t say a full lockdown has worked better than what we have done here in QLD.

Now let’s sit back & watch how New Zealand’s economy fares against our economy over the next few years after they closed 90 percent of their businesses for over a month & we still have the bulk of our businesses still open to multiply money ?

We didn’t need to go into full lockdown, thats why we didn’t….