Council welcomes high speed network

The Gold Coast City Council has welcomed a $70 billion proposal for a high-speed rail network that would put South-East Queensland on track

A new reported has outlined a rapid rail network that could take passengers from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba under 35 minutes.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the development would help cut congestion down on our roads.


He explained the project would need to be primarily funded by the State and Federal Governments.

“This is very doable,” he said.

“To link all of South-East Queensland together is the best piece of infrastructure Australian money could buy.”

The Mayor added the railway would greatly help the local economy.

“It means the diversification of our economy will grow… You can live here and go to Brisbane in only 35 minutes,” he said.

The network would see trains travelling at speeds up to 250km/h almost three times faster than the current 60km/h.