Council’s anger at battery thieving spree

The Tweed Shire Council is furious at a spate of battery thefts in recent weeks – with thieves stealing five pairs of batteries stolen from the Council’s safety equipment.

The latest crime saw thieves use an angle grinder to remove batteries from a set of temporary traffic lights on Clothiers Creek Road, which had been set up to safely direct traffic through a section of road damaged by a landslip in the recent floods.

“This is not a victimless crime,” the Tweed Shire Council’s Bob Hanby said.


“The community has every right to be concerned and outraged.”

“These batteries power the devices that motorists rely on to stay safe on our roads. What could have happened on Tuesday night had two vehicles met head-to-head on that section of road is frightening. The community has every right to be concerned and outraged.”

And, with all of the recent thefts being from flood-damaged sites in the Shire, Mr Hanby said the crimes are adding insult to injury.

With every battery worth at least $2,000, the Council is fuming that “five pairs of batteries in three weeks is $10,000 – [money] that is sorely needed elsewhere.

Contact Crime Stoppers up if you see anything suspicious

“We want all the community to speak up on theft of our assets and report suspicious behaviour around depots and worksites after hours by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Council’s after hours number on 1800 818 326,” said Mr Hanby.

“We don’t want anyone to confront the thieves but to note what they look like, their vehicle description and registration number and call it in.

“A vehicle parked near roadworks at night is suspicious; a vehicle towing a trailer with plant in the back at night is suspicious.”