Council’s Easter Bunny to pop up on Gold Coast road signs this weekend

We’re in for a cute little Easter treat around the Gold Coast, but no, it’s not free chocolate.

The Gold Coast Council is hopping into the festive spirit, by introducing smiley bunny rabbit faces to their speed awareness devices.

(The speed awareness devices are those little LED signs on the side of the road that give you smiley faces if you’re doing the right speed, or ‘TOO FAST’ signs if you’re speeding.)


So this Easter long weekend, those doing the right thing and not speeding in the suburbs, will get to see the Council’s Easter Bunny.

Lifestyle Committee Chair Councillor Hermann Vorster and Division 3 Councillor Cameron Caldwell are to thank for the Easter initiative.

Keep in mind, the bunny will only come up for people going the right speed.

Also note for those heading over the border into New South Wales, it’s double demerits this weekend.