Counter-terrorism experts meet in Melbourne to discuss world safety

Counter-terrorism experts from Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Britain are meeting in Melbourne today, to focus on building ties between the countries and stopping world-wide terrorism.

It’s the first time the forum has been hosted outside of the US and comes with an increased warning of terrorism in Australia during the festive season.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Shane Patton said there’s a higher risk of terrorism throughout December and January.


“We’ve seen during the Christmas and the festive period over last year and this year a heightened risk period for terrorism,” he said.

“It is correct to say that we are ensuring we do have a proper security overlay at all events and we are properly prepared for this time of the year.”

Melbourne police have installed a raft of new counter-terrorism measures.

In the city’s CBD loudspeakers will be installed to announce messages in the event of a major emergency, with the first test run of the system on December 28.

There will also more CCTV cameras installed, as well as permanent bollards built to protect pedestrians from cars in high-density areas.