Couple charged after police find guns, drugs at Logan home

A man and woman have been charged with a string of drug and weapons offences following a raid on a home in Logan.

Around 1.00pm yesterday, police attended a home in Marsden as part of investigations into an armed robbery.

While at the property, officers conducted an “emergent search” where they allegedly uncovered three homemade firearms, two electric anti-personnel devices and multiple rounds of ammunition.


A firearm frame, knuckledusters, a quantity of drugs including MDMA, drug utensils, a motorbike and other items were also seized from the home.

A 45-year-old man was charged with seven counts of unlawful possession of weapon, three counts of acquiring restricted items and two counts of possessing dangerous drugs.

He was also hit with one count each of possess tainted property, possess property suspected of being acquired for a drug offence, authority required to possess explosives and manufacture weapon whilst not licensed.

The man is due to appear in Beenleigh Magistrates Court today, while a 42-year-old Marsden woman was charged with four counts of supply dangerous drugs and is due to appear at a later date.


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