Couple to face court on animal cruelty charges

WARNING: An image contained within this story may be offensive to some readers.

A couple is due to face court this week, accused of animal cruelty after their Johnson Bulldog had to be put down due to its extremely poor health.

Melissa Myer and Hal Perrin are expected to plead guilty to four duty of care offences in Beenleigh Court tomorrow.


The RSPCA says their dog, Sweetie, was near death when surrendered to a shelter in September last year.

Sweetie was taken to Wacol Animal Care Campus where she was examined by a vet that found she was unable to stand unaided and appeared unconscious. She was extremely thin, her abdomen was sunken and she was markedly dehydrated.

Sweetie (pictured below) was also hypothermic with the digital thermometer unable to read her temperature as it was so low.

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

Blood tests found that it was highly likely that Sweetie suffered from chronic malnutrition/starvation, either as a primary cause of her condition or secondary to another serious disease.

The RSPCA claims it was clear Sweetie had been living with a chronic health condition which would have noticeably deteriorated over a period of weeks to months.

Sweetie was euthanased upon humane grounds by the RSPCA.