Couran Cove’s fate raises tourism fears

Gold Coast Tourism has responded to news that Couran Cove is in the hands of administrators.

Earlier this year the Dowling family tried to sell the resort to a Melbourne businessman but he has reportedly since left.

Gold Coast CEO Martin winter said the South Stradbroke business must continue to operate.


He said “Couran Cove is a very special place particularly for locals but from a tourism perspective it would be fabulous if there was the right amount of investment so that it could really make it come to life, it has huge potential for the student market as well as for ecotourism”.

Mr Winter added “on South Stradbroke Island it’s ideally located, so all it needs is it needs someone with some vision and someone who has the amount of money that’s needed to really make it sing and it will be a fantastic asset for the Gold Coast”.

He agreed there has been a lot of focus on new projects including a casino and resort development planned for The Spit and the Mayor recently resurrected discussion about a Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal.

He said Couran Cove is safe from such plans as there will always be access issues adding “it would be such a pity to see it fall into disrepair”.

“One of the major issues of course is getting access which is reliable and affordable for people who want to travel out there and back each day so we’re hoping that there will be an investor that will come along and invest”…”to make it a really fantastic facility again and it will be an enormous asset for the Gold Coast leading into the Commonwealth Games” Mr Winter said.