Court for alleged knife-weilding handbag snatcher

A BIGGERA Waters man will face court, accused of the violent armed robbery of two women in broad daylight in Southport.

Police say he approached a woman near the Ferry Road Tavern, at the corner of Ferry Road and Cotlew Street, around 2.40pm on Friday.

It’s alleged he pulled out a knife and demanded the woman’s purse. The 28-year-old handed it over and he ran off.


About 35 minutes later, another woman was allegedly threatened with a knife on Cloyne Road and punched in the face, before she gave him her handbag.

The man, 33, fled the scene, only to return a short time later and allegedly steal the woman’s car.

Following Police patrols in the area, Detectives arrested the man at a Biggera Waters home and took him into custody.

He’s been charged with two counts of armed robbery and unlawful use of a motor vehicle to front Southport Magistrates Court today.