COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Victoria ahead of lockdown

Victoria has recorded another 73 new cases of coronavirus as it prepares to lock down dozens of Melbourne suburbs tonight.

Victoria’s total number of cases has soared to 2231, with a jump of more than 470 in the last two weeks.

Of the new cases, three are from hotel quarantine, nine are linked to known outbreaks, 19 are from routine testing and 42 are still under investigation.


Officials will further ramp up testing across Melbourne with 12 new testing sites across the hotspot suburbs.

A total of 113,000 tests have been carried out since the blitz was announced last week.

It comes as residents across ten postcodes prepare to be locked down for four weeks from midnight tonight in a desperate bid to stop this current outbreak.

More than 300,000 residents in those suburbs will only be allowed to leave their home for work or school, exercise, shopping for essential items or to provide care to someone.

“I know and understand that this will be deeply inconvenient. It will be frustrating, it will be very challenging,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“To families across those lockdown suburb, if we all work together and if we all stick together over these next four weeks we can regain control of community transmission.”

“Essentially we really just need to impress upon all Victorians that this is not over. It won’t be over for a long time and the best and most important thing that we can all do, whether we are in one of these hot spot postcodes or not is to follow the rules.”

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