COVID-19: Gold Coast schools close, students told to “stay home”

A number of schools across the Gold Coast have been affected by the lockdown in Greater Brisbane, causing many education facilities to close their doors to students of non-essential workers.

Several schools across the city sent emails to parents overnight, requesting they keep their children at home if possible.

In a note sent by Pimpama State Secondary College, parents were told a number of teachers had been caught up in the lockdown.


“Our school has a significant number of teaching staff that live in the impacted areas. In addition, many of our non-teaching staff including cleaning staff also live in the impacted areas,” the email said.

“As a result, we are unable to provide supervision for all classes over the next three days.

“If you are able to keep your children home for the remaining 3 days of term that would be greatly appreciated. Students will not be penalised for their absence over the the next 3 days.”

Coomera State School also issued a similar notice to parents.

“Please be aware that the directives from Queensland Health and the Premier have resulted in many of our staff being required to work from home,” they said.

“This means that supervision at school will be provided as best as we can. With limited supervision, parents may choose whether to send their children to school over the next three days.”

Helensvale State School confirmed the school will remain open, however, said that there would be disruptions to normal timetables.

“During this 3-day period, the school will remain open. However, due to the impact on staffing availabilty and student attendance, the normal program of instruction may be changed to accommodate the daily circumstances,” the school said.

Due to minimal staff being available on site due to the restrictions, Foxwell State Secondary College has also requested parents keep their children at home.

While Pacific Pines State School said the school would only remain open for vulnerable children and children of essential workers.

Aquinas College, Guardian Angels, Biggera Waters State School and Coombabah State School are also operating on skeleton staff and have requested students stay at home if they can.

If you know of any other educational facilities affected, let us know in the comment section below.

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Coomera Springs State School

Ormeau state school only open to kids of essential workers

Aquinas College only kids of essential workers

Highland Reserve State School is combining classes and has cancelled numerous in-school activities. Parents cannot enter school grounds.

Biggera Waters State School, Helensvale Primary, Coombabah Primary.

Kimberly Park School (Daisy Hill/Cornubia area) are not on declared locations list, but are closed as one of the confirmed cases visited there while contagious

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Guardian Angels open only to vulnerable children and children of essential workers.

Southport Special School has been affected.

Parklake primary are also on skeletal staff email sent yesterday asking parents to keep children home if possible.

Robina state high school

Norfolk Village primary school and Ormeau Woods state high

Haha the joke is on all you 🐑

Hey everyone, look at enlightened Steve here. The only joke is you, Steve.

Coombabah State High School is open for those not in quarantine. There’s no advice to keep kids home

Jubilee primary school, pacific pines and foxwell secondary college Coomera.

Arundel state school closed

Merrimac State High

Gilston State School as well

What about the facts that schools are not spreaders? This is seen in other countries.

Seriously. They do become spreaders if the teaching staff/cleaners or non-teaching staff have been in contact with someone who is contagious! And people have been commuting.
Nerang SHS also issued a statement around keeping students home if possible because their staff numbers have been affected.

Upper Coomera state college

Southport state high school and Musgrave Hill state school both affected

Coomera Rivers State School and Foxwell College are opening up to everyone tomorrow. Kids have to go back and the teachers.

Benowa High School I’ve heard are closed

St vincent’s primary school in clear island waters is only open to essential workers students only.

Palm Beach Currumbin High from today Wednesday 3/31/21 for kids that need supervision only