COVID couple that fled Vic lockdown and drove to Qld fined

A Victorian couple that fled Melbourne’s lockdown and drove to Queensland while infectious with COVID-19 has been fined more than $4000 each.

The pair left Melbourne on June 1, before spending several days in regional New South Wales, visiting Gillenbah, Forbes, Dubbo and Moree.

They crossed into Queensland via Goondiwindi on June 5 before heading to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast via Toowoomba.


A 44-year-old woman tested positive on June 9 and was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Her 48-year-old partner tested positive the following day.

Their diagnosis sparked a major COVID alert across parts of regional Queensland and New South Wales, however, there have been no cases of community transmission recorded.

Queensland Police finally interviewed the couple this morning following their release from hospital, issuing them with $4003 fines for failing to comply with the COVID-19 Border Direction.

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Don’t pay the fine. The government has killed people with the vaccine. Nuremberg trials are coming for those corrupt flogs!

You people are f***ed in the head lol. The government doesn’t give them covid. And there are no “trials” happening. Get out of your tinfoil delusions.

Fine the Victorian government for giving them covid in the first place.

I certainly hope that is the case!
These fascist states (like Qld) wielding their power over citizens like gods and using their police force like the Gestapo to terrorise citizens and bully them into submission.
Aistralia is no better than Communist China nowdays.
Australia should rename itself to the Australuan Union of Socialist States (AUSS)!

Wish the fines were higher to teach them a lesson. Their selfishness cost so many businesses expense with staff not being able to work, so no wage coming in. Hugh expense to the community that cannot be measured. Their selfish attitude that it won’t happen to me. Everyone just wants to be kept safe and the lockdowns are in place for a reason.