“COVID is coming” No new local cases as Gold Coast warned to brace for virus influx

Queensland has recorded no new local COVID-19 cases, but health authorities have warned it will likely be the last time as the state prepares to swing open the borders to travellers from hotspots.

From 1.00am tomorrow, the border wall will finally come down as thousands of people return to the sunshine state after months of being locked out.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick said while no new local cases today is “very good news”, he admitted “these days won’t last”.


“More people are going to be coming to Queensland from southern states for holidays, which will be great for our tourism industry and businesses across the state.. it will mean families will be able to reunite for Christmas.

“But it also means that Covid is coming to Queensland.”

Mr Dick said the state has already been given a taste of what’s to come with seven cases diagnosed on the Gold Coast this week.

“The Gold Coast will be at the frontline of what happens with COVID as the virus arrives in Queensland, so the higher the vaccination rate, the safer we will all be and the better it will be for the Queensland economy.”

Health officials are investigating a new infection detected in hotel quarantine overnight, with fears it may be Omicron.

The man, aged in his 30s, tested positive after recently returning to Australia from Nigeria.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr James Smith said testing is underway to determine the strain.

“Given the African connection, we are very closely following his genomic sequencing results which should be available in the next day to two days,” he said.

“We are obviously very interested in whether this may be Omicron”.

The State’s top cop has revealed they are bracing for up to 50,000 vehicles to cross the border over the next few days.

The new border pass system will go live at various times tonight, with border zone residents able to apply for their passes first.

“So as of 8:30pm tonight, there will be the X Pass, and that’s the border zone residents,” Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

“As of 10:00pm, an international pass, and as of midnight, the G-pass, that one that comes from the hotspots”.

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Commissioner Carroll said motorists will need to be patient and plan ahead, with long delays expected.

“Can I ask people to travel outside of those peak hours if we can and to ensure that you do have your correct pass,” she urged.

“If you can’t print it, that’s fine, just make sure it’s on your phone as you’re going through and when you do get the opportunity to print it, please do, put it up on the dashboard or somewhere where it can be clearly displayed.

Those planning on trying to cross the border illegally are being warned they will be caught.

“I ask that you be truthful on your passes,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Many, many instances we have had where people have been reported for not being truthful and not telling us, you know, what the truth is, and as a result there is obviously heavy fines if you aren’t.

“It is end-to-end compliance, and we will be, in many instances, doing 100% compliance or random intercepts.

“So, please, don’t think that you’ll come to the border and you will easily get through. It is a case of there is a compliance system in place and obviously those checks will be carried out.”

The new border passes can be obtained here.