COVID VACCINE: When you will receive the jab, based on your age

With the COVID-19 vaccine likely to be rolled out in just a few months, new details have been released today – revealing exactly who will be the first to receive it.

According to Newscorp, the population will be broken up into 12 different age brackets for the rollout of the jab.

Frontline healthcare workers will be at the top of the list, followed by Australians aged over 70-years-old.


Those aged 65-70 will then be next in line, with the rest of us broken into five-year age groups, mirroring the system currently being used in the UK.

Infectious Disease expert Professor Sanjaya Senanayake has told Seven he believes vaccinating healthcare workers and elderly Australians first is a sensible option.

“That would be consistent with what we are seeing in terms of rollout plans in other parts of the world, so frontline healthcare workers including those in residential aged care need to be part of that initial vaccination deployment,” Professor Senanayake said.

“But also people who are older, we know that the risk of hospitalisation and death from COVID is related to age and if you are over 75 in the US, you’ve got more than 200 times the higher chance of dying from COVID than someone who is 18 to 29 years old.”

However it appears children under the age of 18 will not receive the jab at all next year, with pharmaceutical companies reportedly not seeking approval for use in the younger generation just yet.

Professor Senanayake said that could come at a risk, with children considered super-spreaders of the virus.

“I think that is definitely something to consider, that the bulk of infections in Australia in the northern hemisphere had been in younger people, because they are moving about more and spreading it multi- people, but I still think initially, frontline healthcare workers and those honourable people should be vaccinated first and perhaps those younger people soon after.”

A number of other essential workers, including police and emergency service workers, are also expected to get a front of line pass for the jab.

However, the Federal Government has confirmed the rollout of the jabs won’t be until at least March next year, when they’re confident enough it is safe to administer.

The Government is expected to roll out the full vaccination immunisation plan in late January 2021.

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The first to receive the vaccine should be all politicians so they can show the country how safe it is. This should be done on publicly displayed to bring confidence to the public.

If they did…I bet it would be a different vaccine or saline solution

No way in hell would myself, Hubby or my Children be getting it considering how rushed it has been and no testing on Kong term side effects

I don’t think you will turn into Kong

The professor quoted is an idiot. Children are not “super spreaders” in fact they rarely contract it. He mixed you people (in their 20s) with children.

Oh, and the US research they quote isn’t that people died from Covid, but simply testing positive after they passed. The CDC had to update their stats because the reporting was bad. Motorcyclist dies in crash labeled as a Covid death because he tested positive after he died. Official said that Covid could have cause the crash. The numbers were inflated because money was given for covid deaths.

I won’t be getting the jab as I have a bad reaction to the flu shot and can it take it without becoming seriously ill. So guess I won’t be able to fly either.

Last edited 6 months ago by Fed up