Sugar cane fire near Gold Coast Marine Precinct sends boaties into a spin

UPDATE 9:00 PM | A CONTROLLED burn-off at Coomera sent local residents, boaties and business owners into a spin on Sunday night after flames came awfully close to the Gold Coast Marine Precinct.

The controlled burn started around 7pm, in a sugar cane field off Beattie Road.

The flames grew so large, they could be seen from several kilometres away. See the photos below.


It was initially feared the blaze had engulfed boats moored near The Boatworks, sending boaties and business owners racing to the scene to check on their property.

Thankfully, however, we can confirm no boats or property have been impacted by the fire at the Marine Precinct.

“In the 10 years we have been watching the cane fields burn every year, we have never seen it get so big and close to the boats,” one local resident told myGC.

Multiple fire crews are on the scene, although no property is under threat.

Photos obtained by myGC showed a fireball so big and bright, it was impossible to see exactly what was burning.

Source: Supplied

Source: Supplied

Source: Supplied/Lewis Whitehead

Source: Supplied/Lewis Whitehead

The fire is burning in a sugar cane field near the Gold Coast Marine Precinct | Source: Google

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Why is this allowed! It is a waste of a resource that can be baled and makes excellent mulch plus every time the farmer does this we have to clean the debris from around our homes and out of our pools. We spent over an hour trying to clean ours on Sunday by dumping around 5k litres of water to waste so the debris and carbon didn’t block the filter.

This should be banned, particularly in areas that adjoin residential areas.