Baby whale freed from shark nets off Gold Coast

UPDATE @ 10.30 AM | A baby whale is now free from shark nets off the Gold Coast, after being trapped for some time this morning.

Seaworld rescue crews were called to waters off Kirra earlier on, following reports a whale had become trapped.

On arrival, it appear that the whale was a calf, and had become trapped in some netting.


Crews were able to help free it around 10.30 am, before reporting that it was ‘clear and swam off with its pod’.

It’s still not clear exactly how long the baby whale may have been trapped for, but other whales were spotted swimming around it in aerial footage.

EARLIER @ 9.30 AM | Seaworld crews are working to rescue a whale that’s become trapped in shark nets near Kirra.

It’s not clear when the whale was first spotted, but one crew is out in the water this morning.

Footage shows the whale seems to be a small size, but rescue crews are yet to confirm whether or not it’s a calf.

It also appears that there is at least one other whale near it.

The Seaworld rescue boat is gently following the whale, which appears to be dragging a buoy through the water, trying to set it free.

More to come.