Lincoln Lewis

CRIKEY! Lincoln Lewis chats to Galey, Emily Jade & Christo about playing Aussie icon Steve Irwin

Australian actor, Lincoln Lewis, joined Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade & Christo on Thursday morning to chat about his new life on the Gold Coast and addresses the rumours surrounding his next big career move.

The Dancing with the Stars All Star could be trading in his ballroom shoes for khaki’s and boots as he sets his sight on playing Australia’s most beloved wildlife enthusiast, Steve Irwin.

“There’s rumours going around that you’re going to be playing Steve Irwin in a movie. We’re all hoping that that’s true, because we all think you would do such a good job. What have you heard?” asked radio host Paul (Galey) Gale.


“I had mom call me up and just say, there’s something in a magazine about you, something to do with the Steve Irwin [biopic] and that was the first I had heard about it,” said Lincoln.

“All I know is what everyone else knows.

“He has been an icon of mine, I mean as every Australian would probably be saying about him. So look, if something gets made, as long as I can get an audition I’ll be stoked.

Lincoln proudly admits to the Hot Tomato Breakfast team that his admiration for the Crocodile Hunter began when he was a teenager.

“I actually went as Steve Irwin… for my Year 11 semi-formal because we had a masquerade.

“I’ve always idolised the bloke so if there is a chance that I can even score an audition for it, I’ll be all over that.

“I’ve got my fingers crossed,” said Lincoln.

Lincoln has already proved his wildlife warrior status by getting behind some incredible conservation causes, including the GemLife Gold Coast Beach Parade, which was held on Sunday, May 16.

Walking from Burleigh Heads to North Burleigh and back, the community raised a whopping $20,500 for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and set a world record for the most people in a beach parade wearing koala ears.

Lincoln Lewis, Emily Jade & Christo @ Gold Coast Beach Parade

Lincoln Lewis (centre) with Hot Tomato’s Emily Jade O’Keeffe (left) and David (Christo) Christopher (right) at the GemLife Gold Coast Beach Parade on Sunday May 16.

Listen to Galey, Emily Jade & Christo’s full interview with Lincoln Lewis below.