CRIME CRACKDOWN: Major police blitz targets youth hot spots on Gold Coast

POLICE have conducted a major operation on the Gold Coast overnight, targeting antisocial and criminal behaviour.

Dozens of officers swarmed major shopping centres and transport hubs in the city’s north as part of Operation Romeo Luminous.

Westfield Helensvale, Pimpama and Coomera were among the locations police targeted in a bid to crackdown on rising youth crime in the area.


It comes following a frightening increase in the number of assaults and robberies at the juvenile hot spots, which saw a young man and his teenage brother allegedly bashed at a coast shopping centre just over a week ago.

During the operation overnight, a whopping 114 people were given warning notices, while 32 were issued with fines.

Four people were also arrested for drug offences, three were arrested for bail act warrants, two were cautioned for trespassing, while another was arrested for stealing.

Officers also nabbed a drug driver and managed to track down a missing teenager.

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Who wants to be a police officer give these kids a good kick up the bum make the parents pay for what these kids are doing as the courts are doing nothing do the courts no what these officers have to go through, They blame everyone else for what they are doing sorry kids you are the the problem yourself.I come from a family of 16 yes 16 of us not one of us ever got into trouble with the police my mum and Dad had a daughter killed by a semi trailer a son killed at work by a light pole yes it was had but not one of us turn to violence think what you are dolng and stop blaming everyone else Life is hard and short

I am sick of teens loitering around the bus stop and bike racks at Helensvale I want to see more police and transit officers there.

Something seriously wrong with Australia’s legal and child protection system. Crime by juveniles and abuse of children will continue to rise unless the laws governing juvenile reform and child protection (from the abusive and negligent parents) laws are seriously studied and changed. Abused children are being ripped out of the care of good foster parents and given back to abusive, addictive and s** trafficking parents by courts and welfare services. Is a parents right more important than a childs safety and mental health? Did the child ask to be born to cruel and cold hearted parents? Do judges know what hell they send these bubs back to? Do the welfare officers know what they are doing? Cruelty abounds in the courts/welfare services. What happens to these poor children. No wonder people give up fostering. I have heard horror stories of raped babies being given back to drug addict parents who traffic them in exchange for drugs. The courts and welfare service in Australia have no soul left in them and are failing the little innocent children. They are complicit in the suffering of little children. So are neighbours, tradies, real estate agents, and others who see suspicious situations and close their eyes. Australian society is becoming a sick society. This is another reason for increase in juvenile crime too. Weak parenting, drug addictions, lack of discipline, indulgent careless parents, ad nauseum.
Australia, wake up !