VIDEO: Crimestoppers spring into action at Schoolies

Day five of schoolies on the Gold Coast saw crowd numbers remaining steady in Surfers Paradise.

Overnight there was one male schoolie arrested on one charge which was for contravene a public banning order. There were also 52 liquor infringement notices issued to schoolies.

Despite several arrests, Crimestoppers volunteers have been impressed by how well behaved most schoolies have been so far this week.


PHOTO: Crime Stoppers in Queensland / Facebook

PHOTO: Crime Stoppers in Queensland / Facebook


While taking myGC on an exclusive tour of the precinct, Crimestoppers QLD CEO Trevor O’Hara said most of the school leavers were behaving themselves. “The school leavers are absolutely well behaved this year. We’ve had hardly any arrested in Surfers Paradise,” he said.

See more of what happened at schoolies overnight in the video below: