‘Critically endangered’ Sea Turtle rescued on the Gold Coast

USUALLY trained in Surf Rescue, the children from the Gold Coast’s Surf Easy Surf School became involved in an unusual rescue on Wednesday morning.

A “critically endangered” Hawksbill Sea Turtle wandered into the middle of the club’s training lesson at Currumbin Alley at around 10am, startling the small group of children participating at the time.

Surf Easy coach Allan Cox assisted his students in pulling the injured turtle onto one of their rescue boards and rushed it ashore.


Lifeguards on duty contacted the Seaworld Research and Rescue team who are now caring for the sea creature.

A Seaworld spokesperson told myGc the turtle has a damaged shell and will undergo an x-ray on Friday to determine whether it has any internal injuries.

They have not yet been able to determine the age or sex of the reptile.

Human fishing practices threaten the Hawksbill populations with extinction. It is for this reason, The World Conservation Union has classified the species as critically endangered.

The species, also known as Eretmochelys imbricata, has a worldwide distribution, with Atlantic and Pacific subspecies.