Cruise ship forced to dock in Sydney after 180 passengers fall sick with gastro

More than 180 passengers have fallen sick on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Explorer of the Seas docked in Circular Quay at 6.00am this morning, with paramedics on scene to assess the patients as soon as they disembarked.

The ship was travelling from New Zealand on a 14 day cruise when the passengers fell ill with the stomach bug.


None of the 182 affected passengers needed to be taken to hospital, with the outbreak reportedly now under control.

The ship will undergo further cleaning before it leaves for another cruise this afternoon.

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We just disembarked from this cruise.
There was NO emergency stop at Sydney. We were due to dock in Sydney today at the end of our cruise.
The outbreak started about half way through the cruise and emergency cleaning routines were put into place immediately.
New passengers boarding today have a 2 hour delay for boarding and a 3 hour delay to get into cabins as very strict cleaning routines are on all areas of the ship.

It was not forced to doc. The cruise was over. This outbreak is not something unusual for cruise ships.

It wasnt forced to dock at all. It was the end of the cruise and was docking any way.

It was a great cruise the ship could not do anything more than they did people will not do what they are told about washing there hands and sanatising there hands as much as you can I have been on 9 cruise s with the rca and never been sick thank you so much