Cruise ship terminal is terminal

WHO wants to place a bet on whether the Broadwater cruise ship terminal/casino/residential compound proposal unveiled this week will happen?


What gave the game away – the artist’s impression of the project with a huge building sticking out like a one-finger salute to greenies?


Or the fact Deputy Premier Jeff ‘I’ll decide what gets built on the Gold Coast’ Seeney suddenly started backing away faster than a scalded dog, announcing the Council and community could make the call.

This is the man who seized control from the Council of the Reedy Creek Boral quarry proposal and then pushed it through despite all his Gold Coast MPs being vehemently against it.

In a carefully worded statement in Parliament on Thursday (Feb 13), Mr Seeney made it perfectly unclear what his thoughts were on the issue.

“The facts are that it is technically possible to build a cruise ship terminal in the Broadwater but it would require extensive development to offset the costs of establishment and operation,” Mr Seeney said.

“Whether or not the Gold Coast community is prepared to support and accept that extensive development is an issue for the Gold Coast City Council … The scale of the residential and resort development being proposed has the potential to have considerable impact on existing infrastructure as well as Gold Coast business and property markets.”

This is not a man talking up a project.

Furthermore, the project must have a cruise ship terminal and the cost of it would have to be offset by a casino. But there is no guarantee they’d get a casino licence. Oooh, tricky.

Oh and there will be huge and costly environmental studies the council and proponent will have to pay for if they want to proceed with the proposal, with no guarantee it will still get approved.

He emphasised one point: The proponent of the proposal was not a preferred proponent at all – it was the only possible proponent.

And no other proposals for a cruise ship terminal will be further considered.

It was all the Gold Coast City Council’s idea in the first place, he whined, we just worked with them to identify the issues.

Yep, it’s about to sink without a trace.

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