Cruise ship terminal now a numbers game

According to the Council’s website, the official population of the Gold Coast is 513,954 – give or take a few thousand.

Yet only 2800 people will be asked to decide the future of the Broadwater Marine Project and its cruise ship terminal.

So less than 0.6 per cent of the residents living on the Gold Coast will take part in the ‘extensive consultation’ ordered by the State Government.


(That may be wrong as I’m not very good at maths)

Deputy Premier Jeff ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ Seeney won’t be happy with that.

He made a speech to Parliament about the project back in February where he was rather pessimistic about the impact the huge development would have on business and the property market.

In a letter he then sent to Mayor Tom Tate he warned the State Government would have to be convinced the residents were on side before it would consider making state land available.

“Undertake extensive community consultation and provide evidence of the degree of public support for the scale of development proposed at the Broadwater,” he ordered.

Extensive! What part of extensive does the council not understand?

There is another problem.

While the polling organisation which will conduct the phone survey and focus groups is very reputable, it is going to be asking questions on something that hasn’t been decided yet – the location of the terminal.

Question: Would you like a cruise ship terminal at (location to be decided) – yes or no?

The council says it will also consult with the entire community but there will be no referendum.

So not sure how that is going to happen.

Meanwhile, it looks like Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey has decided not to continue to campaign on behalf of her constituents against the Boral quarry.

Instead of taking the fight up to the government she is a part of, she will now work to minimise the damage.

The State Government’s Coordinator-General has recommended the Council approve the quarry at Tallebudgera Valley.

“Like many residents I was very disappointed with this decision and will continue to lobby for minimum impact to those who live in the vicinity,” she said in her latest newsletter to residents.




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