Cruise Ship Terminal – reactions

There are mixed reactions to Mayor Tom Tate’s idea to put a cruise ship terminal off Sea World and a jetty constructed to meet it.

The Southport Chamber of Commerce wants to see more detail, with costings yet to be done.  A spokesperson said the Chamber would like to know why the State Government knocked back the previous plan to build a terminal on Wavebreak Island.

The Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce supported Mayor Tate’s idea saying “the Gold Coast really needs more new tourism infrastructure and to be able to have a Cruise Ship Terminal here is absolutely perfect”.


The State Government has given approval to an ASF consortium plan to build a Resort and Casino on the southern end of The Spit.

Surfers MP John Paul Langbroek said projects like this would put more pressure on a very environmentally sensitive area.

He said he wants to see a Masterplan developed for the area “so we can ensure locals and visitor safety to make sure that we have community support for whatever developments go there but very importantly also make sure that we take into consideration issues like traffic access in and out”.

Addressing Mayor Tate’s proposal which he read for the first time today he said “there’s no doubt it’s an ambitious proposal, like any proposal I’d always say that it needs to have community support, it needs to stack up environmentally and it also needs to have economic benefits”.

Rose Adams from Gold Coast green group Gecko said “any proposal that’s going to alienate public open space, have serious environmental impacts, we’re not for it”.

She added “what’s really come to the fore lately is the economic impact and the traffic impact of hordes of more people coming into the area”.

“Since the high rise proposals have been put out to the public, we’ve seen a great deal of concern about an increase in traffic and those issues have not been resolved”.

Ms Adams concluded by saying she is relying on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to keep an election promise not to build a Cruise Ship Terminal on the Broadwater.

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