Cruise ship terminal remains on the cards despite COVID-19 crisis

Mayor Tom Tate remains committed to a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast, despite the cost and the uncertain future facing the cruise ship industry.

But he’s left the door ajar for the plan to be halted if it doesn’t tick all the boxes.

There are increasing calls for the proposal to be scrapped amid the COVID-19 crisis, with opponents calling for the money to be spent elsewhere to help the city recover.


Concerns are also growing that a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast would not be viable with the virus having a detrimental effect on the industry.

The terminal proposed for the Spit, is estimated to have a price tag of about $450 million, but its feasability has been questioned after a report last year found it would have to be bigger than first planned

Mayor Tate has said fast-tracking infrastructure projects is one way to help the city recover from the coronavirus crisis and he still believes a cruise ship terminal should be a part of that.

He insists if it doesn’t stack up, he’ll pull the pin, but for now, the plan remains on the table.

“We’re going to make sure the Environmental Impact Study ticks all the boxes. Once that’s done then we can move to the next phase on the type of projects and the viability,” Mayor Tate said on Tuesday.

“We’ve got some work done there but we’ve got to crystallise the vision and harden up the numbers, then we can go to the funding model.

“Without doing that we won’t move forward. Even moving forward, if the Environmental Impact Study goes ‘no you can’t do that’, then that rules a line there and we’ll focus more on super yachts.”

The reputation of the cruise ship industry has taken a battering during the crisis, with ships accounting for hundreds of coronavirus cases in Australia and at least 18 deaths so far.

There’s also been serious questions raised about health and safety practices with some experts claiming the international industry may never fully recover.

Tom Tate address media on Tuesday

But the Mayor says it’s too early to know what long term impacts the virus will have on cruise ships.

“As far as the cruise ship industry is concerned, for us to be at the table and to watch and see what direction the cruise ship industry is going to go, we have to be ready to go ‘well we’re in’. To sit and do nothing when the industry, should it move ahead and do well, we will be left behind.

“There’s no way I would do the project if it was detrimental to our city and I’ve said that if it doesn’t tick the boxes then I’d be the first to say no.

“I’m still of the view that we should not walk off the crease and keep batting until it’s shovel-ready and if the mood of everyone in 12 to 18 months is ‘let’s pause’ or ‘don’t do it’, then I’ll respect that.”

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Cruise ship terminal. Why? No one wants it now or in the future. Why is TT so single minded on this project? Surely we have better things to spend rate payer’s money on than another feasibility study.

I want it

Reason , James? Buying shares are we?

Maybe Tate players more important than rate payers

The Mayor seems to have an opinion on everything at the moment maybe he would like to tell us why he is paid $253,000 Lord Mayor of Newcastle$75,000 Gold Coast Councillors $141,000 Newcastle $26,000 now tell it’s not snouts in the trough Mr Mayor.

Snouts in the trough, David.

Just goes to show the Gumby he is can’t bel he got back in after all his corruption

I don’t think investing in the shipping industry is the way to go. People are petrified to go on Cruise ships and unfortunately this industry of travel will suffer for many years to come. Look at investing the funds in other areas to promote the GC please

Tom is a delusional f*** wit. This industry is dead never to be resumed. It was a stupid idea before and is totally dead now. You’re a goose Tate!!!

He was sure to get a backhand.

Haha! Tate can’t get enough of this cruise ship terminal. Let it go bro! Ffs.

He is so corrupt and hopefully will be exposed before he ruins the Gold Coast even more.
You’re a fool Tom. How much bad karma do you want !!!

Totally agree, still can’t believe he got back in!! No-one I know voted for him. He is a fool and a total destroyer of our beautiful gold coast, he won’t be satisfied until it looks like China.
How dare he even mention spending money on the cruise ship terminal or tram – people are struggling to survive with the corona virus shutting so many businesses down, spend the money where it’s needed Tate!

There was enough stupid people on the GC to vote for him again. The same RWNJ’s that keep voting the LNP in the Federal Poll!!

Our council does so many things right. Our city runs so smoothly, except for this one ugly stain. Please just let it go. The industry is in freefall. The concept is flakey at best and prohibitively expensive. Please stop spending our rates on this bad idea.

Hell no!!! We don’t want the wedding things here, take the germ ships elsewhere!!

“There’s no way I would do the project if it was detrimental to our city and I’ve said that if it doesn’t tick the boxes then I’d be the first to say no”.
Excuse me whilst I gag Mr Tate!!.

Absolutely not! It is not wanted now, nor will it be! This pandemic is the perfect example of why we should have as little to do with Cruise Ships and the industry as possible!! Why on earth would it be a good idea to provide support to an industry that is currently under investigation for their part in the crisis the world is currently facing!?
Not to mention the horrific environmental effects it would have on the coast and our marine life.
Put it to a vote to the public and you’ll get your answer loud and clear!

HowMuch more money is going to be wasted on dream idea of cruise ship terminal in the Gold Coast. Brisbane has a terminal & reports have shown the spit is not viable nor wanted by rate payers. Only wanted by Tate players. We need to recover from currrnt situation and local businesses need to be supported . Fix up Surfers & ghetto town empty shops first for tourism .

We do not want a cruise ship terminal. It will be an economic and environmental disaster. There are many more important issues which need to be addressed on the Gold Coast like sewerage and traffic.

Please pause, wake up and never do it TT. Listen to your constituents. There’s more to the GC than more development. The spit foreshore is spectacular. Spotlight that point of difference on the GC rather than continually making every special place wash in to the boring norm of development to the detriment of locals and long term tourism. Let’s put our big boy pants on and do this right.

What kind of demented infant would pin millions of precious ratepayers money to this sinking ship? There’s no doubt at all that he works for the Chinese and not for the ratepayers. Great to see his election margin go down to almost 50% an almost 9% swing against him. I’m yet to meet any person who voted for him, at least those who did are so embarrassed they will never admit it. He’s a stain on the city and this rhetoric is prime example of him putting his personal plans for him and his mates well ahead of the ratepayers and community.